About Alcohol and Drugs

What are illicit drugs?

What is alcohol and how does it affect you?

Which drug has the greatest impact on workplaces?

How many Australian workers use alcohol & drugs?

Should I be worried about tobacco smoking in my workplace?

Which workers are more likely to use alcohol or drugs?

Why do people use drugs?

What drugs are most commonly used by workers?

Where can I get a quick overview of the main drugs and their effects?

How can I work out how much is too much alcohol?

What are some commonly used pharmaceuticals and their impact on workplaces?

Alcohol and Drugs and the Workplace

Where can I get up-to-date facts & figures about alcohol & drug use in the workplace?

What do drugs cost the workplace?

Do workplaces contribute to risk of drug use?

What can workplaces do to reduce AOD risk?

Critical Incidents

What is a critical workplace incident?

How do I respond to a critical incident?

What are the alcohol & drug implications of COVID-19?

Helping Workers with AOD Problems

How can I tell if someone is impaired at work?

How do I help a worker in trouble?

How can someone avoid an overdose from stimulants (i.e., methamphetamine)?

Where do I send someone for help?

How do I manage a worker returning to work?

What are the principles for responding to intoxicated workers?

Workplace Alcohol and Drug Policies and Legal Issues

Why do you need an Alcohol & Drug Policy?

What does a policy do?

What makes a good policy?

How do I develop & implement a policy?

Can I get an example of a policy?

Do policies make a difference?

Can I serve alcohol at work functions?

What laws apply to alcohol & drugs & the workplace?

Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing

What do alcohol & drug tests detect?

Does alcohol & drug testing work?

What’s involved in workplace alcohol & drug testing?

How do I implement alcohol & drug testing?

What are some examples of good practice testing processes?