Alcohol and Drug Testing - Online Learning

For more in-depth information and guidance on implementing workplace alcohol and drug testing work through this Online Learning Topic.

It examines workplace testing types, methods and approaches and provides advice on good policies and practices. This topic should be undertaken in conjunction with the Alcohol and Drug Policies Topic. While this Topic is particularly relevant for managers, supervisors and team leaders it can also be undertaken by all workers.

It contains 16 slides, a video (approximately 21 minutes), and a good practice guide flow chart. It takes approximately 20 minutes (without watching the whole video) to complete.




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The Topic also contains the following NCETA WorkLife resources:

Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing How-To-Guide: provides advice on alcohol and drug testing and how to implement a workplace testing program.

Alcohol and Drug Testing Toolbox Talk: provides opportunities for you to insert information about your workplace’s testing program and objectives when talking to workers.

Workplace Alcohol and Drug Policies Fact Sheet: provides information about the importance of effective policies and the 4 stages of policy development.

Assessing Workplace Alcohol and Drug Risk How-To-Guide: provides advice and guidance to employers on how to assess workplace risk.

Legal Issues Fact Sheet: provides information about industry-specific legislation mandating workplace alcohol and drug testing.