Alcohol and Drug Policies - Online Learning

For more in-depth information and guidance on developing and implementing workplace alcohol and drug polices work through this Online Learning Topic.

It outlines the 4 stages of policy development. While this Topic is particularly relevant for managers, supervisors and team leaders it can also be undertaken by all workers.

We recommend that you use it when you are preparing, designing, implementing, reviewing and evaluating your workplace alcohol and drug policy.

It contains 20 slides and takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.



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The Topic also contains the following NCETA WorkLife resources:

Workplace Alcohol and Drug Policies Fact Sheet: provides information about the importance of effective policies and the 4 stages of policy development.

Our Alcohol and Drug Policy: Consultation Toolbox Talk: to be used when developing a workplace policy, it provides information about how to consult with workers.

Our Alcohol and Drug Policy: Refresher Toolbox Talk: to be used if your workplace has developed and implemented an alcohol and drug policy. It reminds workers about the policy’s expectations, procedures, and possible disciplinary outcomes.

Our Alcohol and Drug Policy: Review Toolbox Talk: to be used when evaluating an existing policy and getting workers’ perspectives on the appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficacy of the policy’s goals, implementation, and strategies.

Assessing Workplace Alcohol and Drug Risk How-To-Guide: provides advice to employers on how to assess workplace risk.

Organisational Change How-To-Guide: provides guidance on how to assess your workplace’s readiness to change and strategies for implementing organisational change.

Responsible Alcohol Service How-To-Guide: designed to assist workplaces develop Responsible Alcohol Service Guidelines when planning and conducting workplace functions and events.