Communication Strategies - Online Learning

For more in-depth information about communication strategies work through this Online Learning Topic.

This Topic focuses on the importance of positive communication strategies when talking about alcohol and drug use in the workplace. It provides useful tips on having helpful conversations and overcoming communication barriers. While this Topic is particularly relevant for managers, supervisors and team leaders it can also be undertaken by all workers.

It contains 15 slides and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.




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The Topic also contains the following NCETA WorkLife resources:

Having Helpful Conversations How-To-Guide: provides information on effective communication approaches and strategies for overcoming communication barriers.

Critical Response Practices Poster: provides strategies for responding to and communicating with an intoxicated and / or aggressive worker.

Getting Help and Return to Work Fact Sheet: provides information on identifying and talking with at-risk, vulnerable and/or workers returning to work after alcohol and drug treatment.

10 Principles for Responding to Intoxicated Workers Poster: provides strategies for talking to an intoxicated worker.

Critical Alcohol and Drug Situations How-To-Guide: provides information and advice on how to communicate with someone who is intoxicated and / or aggressive.

Getting Help – Organisational Supports Poster: provides advice on to how seek help if you are concerned about your own or someone’s alcohol and drug use.